SoftUnit Conference 2018

The potential of the most important unit in every economy – the person, was the focus of the first edition of Soft Unit Conference. The event was organized by SoftUni, one of the largest and most respected educational institutions in Bulgaria, in partnership with FlyEvents, and aimed to meet people looking for personal and professional development in Bulgaria with the local business and its needs.

Jurist of the Year

This was the tenth anniversary of “Legal World” awards organized by the most popular legal online media in Bulgaria and the team of FlyEvents. The purpose of the competition “Lawyer of the Year” was to encourage professionalism and dignity in the legal professions.

HP – Rock ‘n Roll Party

The concept of the HP’s Christmas party was one of a kind. The Rock ‘n Roll theme of the event was Guns & Roses style inspired. The hall decorated with roses, chains, and real guitars contributed to the fantastic ambiance and transferred the guests back in the 80s.

VMWare – White Christmas Party

White Christmas party was a fantastic way to bring the elegance and the Christmas spirit of an all-white themed party. We created the perfect atmosphere for VMWare which brought many positive emotions and a festive mood. The dress code of the party was all white accompanied by the hashtag #WareWhite.

VMWare – Christmas Carols kids’ party

One of the Christmas parties this year was specially organized for the kids of people who work at VMWare. The theme was focused on music since the idea behind the party was to educate kids about the music culture. One of our main partners of the event was “Christmas Pillow concert”, who also created a musical workshop allowing the kids to design musical instruments from cardboard.

C3i – Bling it ON!

The “Bling it ON!” party was all glitter and sparkle, more festive than ever! Themed photo wall, LED balloons and dazzling glitter decorations were conveying the Christmas spirit and bringing joy and happiness.