Let us help you with your
  • Event design and promotional materials

    FlyEvents will take care of the whole process from A to Z. Our event managers alongside a team of idea generators will come up with an intriguing concept. Then our designers will turn this idea into a visual miracle for every guest to be not only engaged but amazed. Our promotional materials differ from one event to another such as flyers, brochures, manuals, promo materials and other printed promotional items.

  • Sponsorships and partnerships

    We have been working in the field of event organizing for many years, and we are responsible for some of the biggest and coolest events in the region. This experience alongside our long-term partnerships put us in a unique position when it comes to negotiating with sponsors and media partners. At the end of the day money matter and we know how to minimize the cost.

  • Catering and service

    We enjoy pleasures, and for some of us, food might be one of the biggest. The way to a man’s heart is through the belly, some say. And you wouldn’t trust just anyone to create a delicious experience rather than a buzzing disaster, right? Whether it’s coffee breaks, cocktail nights or gala dinners we just love food, and this means we’ll never fall below our strict standards when it comes to the catering and service.

  • Tickets sale

    It is our goal to provide a full range of quality services regarding event organization in order to create the perfect event for our clients. Thus, we will not only design the tickets for your occasion but also carry out the sales campaign while you just watch the tickets sell out like hotcakes.

  • Event setup and decoration

    We are all human beings, but when it comes to decoration – we can fly! Our venue decoration expertise will bring perfection to your event and one thing is sure – everyone who enters afterwards is usually breathless when they see the results. Whatever the event, theme or atmosphere, we could transform the space into an extraordinary one.

  • Event photography

    We are in close partnership with some of the biggest names in event photography in the region – TakeAPixel. We have been there to capture every moment on various events – corporate, sports events, parties, conferences, and others. FlyEvents is the answer if you want to have glamorous and timeless images that will start bringing memories back with every photo.

  • Technical support

    We’re partners with some of the biggest brands for technical equipment. We can assure our clients Flyevents will help when it comes to sound, stage, lighting and every other equipment needed promising the best quality on preferential price.

  • Hosting

    Regarding more formal events FlyEvents is able to hire a team of professional hostesses and stewards to take care of the guests – meet and greet, giving directional information, ensuring the event runs smoothly. Working with professionals is sometimes the difference between having an event everyone would speak of afterwards and a chaos no one would want to experience again.

  • Event presentation

    The common opinion is that presentations are something that can be created easily. Though the right presentation is what can distinguish a successful event from a failing one. FlyEvents works closely with teams of copywriters and designers that will create a presentation no one would be able to forget it let alone say “No” to.

  • Location scouting and management

    One of the perks we have is that we work in partnership with the most well-known venues when it comes to events. Therefore, FlyEvents could offer to its clients a list of appropriate locations at an extremely affordable price.

  • PR and Promotional campaign

    FlyEvents is part of a larger corporate family – Symbol Media Group. We work in close collaboration with one of the best marketing agencies in the region to ensure our clients of nothing but perfection. Our expertise includes digital, outdoor, PR, advertising, radio & TV campaigns so we can provide the best combination for your budget and needs. Soon after the promotional campaign starts, you’ll start bumping into people discussing your event as the one they must attend.“What happens on the event stays on the event” might not be the best saying, at least if you are planning a second one and you wouldn’t mind some more clients. This is why we’ll carry on your full PR campaign and make sure that no detail is left unnoticed in the media. Your event might just have ended, but the buzz around it is just starting.

  • BTL activities

    One of the things that can guarantee guest engagement and serve as a great BTL campaign is the organization of games and activities during an event. Such may directly refer to a brand or the theme of the event. Our creative team alongside our marketing department will take care of the concept and its implementation.

  • Booking

    Our experience alongside our corporate family puts us in the unique position to know everyone we need to in order to create an event. From DJs and artists to hosts, dancers, actors, lecturers, animators and others who have have been part of many “FLYingly” good events.

  • Video production

    As you most probably know, when we speak about content nowadays video is the king, and there is no one even left to try to claim its throne. Whether you are looking for an after-movie that will present your event in the best possible way or some intriguing teasers that will make a buzz – you’ve come to the right place. We are partners with the trendy video factory ScreenMixer – “artists who just happened to use video equipment to change hearts, minds, and habits for the good of us all.”

  • Event coordination

    If you’ve ever hosted an event you know that the most crucial period is not before or after it but throughout the occasion. FlyEvents can send a coordinator that will be responsible for everything on the day of the event and will take responsibility for leading various teams and assigning the tasks while you and your guests enjoy an experience of pure astonishment.