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VMWare Christmas Kids party

The second Christmas party for VMWare this year was specially organized for the employees’ kids of VMWare. The location was chosen for the size of the party, a spacious, fun kids center situated in one of the malls, so it was more convenient for the parents.


C3i Havana Nights Xmas party

The “Havana Nights” party had palms in real sizes, Cuban cocktails, parrots, and astonishing decorations around the party hall. There was a themed corner with real greenery, palms, and traditional Cuban chairs, a corner with a cocktail bar where guests could grab a drink that would bring them to the beach in Havana.


VMWare Glow in the dark Xmas party

Turn out the lights and let the glow sticks light up the night! Glowing decorations were hanging from the ceiling, and glowing shots were offered by two hostesses dressed in fluorescent outfits according to the theme of the night.


Atos Disco Xmas party

This year the Atos Xmas Party was more than impressive. What we had organized was inspired by the disco era. We had transformed the entire hall into a disco place decorated with colossal disco balls and glitter everywhere around the room.


HP Bg Disco Xmas party

The concept of HP’s Christmas party was Bg Disco Party. The hall was decorated with large disco balls, LED balloons, lots of glitters, and a unique one-of-a-kind photo wall made of music disks.

Business Events

Jurist of the Year 2019

More than 200 representatives of the legal community attended the solemn ceremony of the 11th Annual Awards of the “Legal World” and the International Law Center – “Jurist of the Year”.

Business Events

SoftUnit Conference 2018

The potential of the most important unit in every economy – the person, was the focus of the first edition of Soft Unit Conference. The event was organized by SoftUni, one of the largest and most respected educational institutions in Bulgaria, in partnership with FlyEvents, and aimed to meet people looking for personal and professional development in Bulgaria with the local business and its needs.

Business Events

New Business Ideas

The primary goal of the New Business Ideas Conference was to have a more practical approach creating additional value for exhibiting companies and to help visitors choose the right partners and business solutions.

Business Events

Jurist of the Year

This was the tenth anniversary of “Legal World” awards organized by the most popular legal online media in Bulgaria and the team of FlyEvents. The purpose of the competition “Lawyer of the Year” was to encourage professionalism and dignity in the legal professions.


NYE 2019 Gold Rush Party

NYE 2019 Gold Rush Party The Golden Age of the Twenties was recreated in a new modern way on the unique New Year’s Party – GOLD RUSH NYE2019. Over 2,000 guests sipped from the champagne and felt the luxury that for the 11th consecutive year was presented by the organizers of FlyEvents. Glamorous and charming…


Christmas Concert Philharmonic Orchestra Sofia

The concert featured Maria Prince, piano, and Andrew Marriner, a clarinetist from London Symphony Orchestra. It was a part of a bigger cycle called “Maria Prince with stars from the international stages and Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra’s soloists.


HP – Rock ‘n Roll Party

The concept of the HP’s Christmas party was one of a kind. The Rock ‘n Roll theme of the event was Guns & Roses style inspired. The hall decorated with roses, chains, and real guitars contributed to the fantastic ambiance and transferred the guests back in the 80s.